Closet Purge Consulting Services

How does it work?

Our services include an appointment in your home for a full or half day free closet purge consultation which can be built to suit your needs.  We book an appointment at your home and help sort and organize garment, handbag, jewelry or shoe items that are no longer suitable for your needs, do not fit, or are simply unwanted and require purging to make room for easier organization or new purchases.  This service is unique and is offered to assist in another win/win situation for all.

Who decides what should be purged?


You do.  We assist in asking the right questions in a consultative manner that enable you to let go of items that really should be gone.  Alterntively, we also persuade you to keep items that fit well, have sentimental value or just "need to stay".  We understand that making that final decision to purge requires a second party nudge in the right direction.


What happens to the "No" pile?


Once the "no" pile has been determined, 47 Main will sift through items and choose those we believe will fit the genre of our shop.  We offer a fair and reasonable "cash on the spot" purchase price for selected items or the entire lot.  For any items that are unwanted by both you and 47 Main, we will launder, repair if necessary, fold, pack and deliver the remaining items to a charity of your choice.


Who wins?


Everyone....and the planet.  In the end, you have received free consulting services for your purge and an organized clean closet PLUS cash in hand.  In turn, 47 Main adds upscale fashion resale stock to inventory and the charity of your choice receives delivery of a clean clothing lot in good repair for donation to those in need.  Based on the fact that the fashion industry is the 2nd largest contributor to the destruction of our planet (1st is oil and gas), we all win in terms of slowing down the production of fast fashion.  Win/win/win is the way we roll!

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Have any questions or concerns? 

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